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AMA: MERU Networks – “Powering the All-Wireless Enterprise”

Tuesday, June 1 at 10:15 AM - Room 1160, Desmarais Hall

In September 2009, IEEE released the 802.11n standard, improving mobility bandwidth and reach. This session will deal with standard-based architectures and will consider the following topics: Multi Chanel Architecture (MCA) vs. Single Channel Architecture (SCA), Over-the-air QoS, Security, 100% power in both spectrums, 802.11n in 2.4GHz and virtual port.

MERU Advantages:

  • Up to a 2:1 cost benefit over traditional wireless LANS
  • 99.99% availability assurance
  • Assured performance and toll-quality voice
  • When it's mission critical, it runs on Meru’s Wireless Networks

Presented by:
Guylain Briand, MERU Networks
Brian Heurter, MERU Networks