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Dell: The Connected Campus

Monday, May 31 at 11:00 AM - Room 3105, Desmarais Hall

The higher education community has become increasingly competitive for both teaching and research institutions. The demands on faculty and students are higher than ever before. To attract the best and brightest faculty and students, academic institutions must differentiate. Funding is a challenge as traditional sources diminish leaving schools to further compete for grants and other funds. To address these issues, many academic institutions are turning to IT to enhance the teaching and learning environment while working to significantly control or reduce expenses. Paul Cooper will talk about the Connected Campus from Dell ‐ a holistic approach that connects disparate campus data centers using intensive virtualization strategies that fundamentally change the way IT is consumed. This operating model offers the best of both worlds for centralized and departmental IT groups—expanded computing efficiency, flexibility, and maximum return on investment.

Presented by:
Paul Cooper, Dell