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Dell: Higher Education Solutions to Excel in the Virtual Era - Only the Efficient Thrive

Monday, May 31 at 02:30 PM - Room 1160, Desmarais Hall

The information technology industry is at its 5th major inflection point, where Dell believes we are moving from the internet era to the virtual era.  Higher Education leaders are challenged with  ever increasing demands to keep pace with the expectations of their students and researchers by delivering interactive, dynamic classroom technology solutions that prepare them for employment with 21st century skills.  However, rapidly changing and growing student data and the pace of change is complicating application management, and the need to maintain infrastructure is inhibiting innovation.   Many institutions are spending about 80% of their IT resources just maintaining the infrastructure they already have.  Dell believes it is possible to reduce OPEX to 50% through efficient solutions for IT operations and data management .  In this session Dell will discuss technology solutions for Academic Computing, Administrative Computing, and Research Computing that include intelligent data management, learning management systems, high performance computing  and virtual ready infrastructures.

Presented by:
Kevin Smith, Dell