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Finding technology solutions for the academic community: Effective, yet simple.

Monday, May 31 at 11:15 AM - Room 1110, Desmarais Hall

In May 2007, the University of Windsor successfully streamlined the process of generating electronic Curriculum Vitaes (eCVs) for internal and external academic review. Today, faculty members in all disciplines can enter career information online into a standardized CV template. Effective yet simple. These are the words quoted from CAUBO’s Spring 2009 publication of the University Manager. This is one of the technology solutions EISS (Enterprise Information Systems Services) has developed for the academic community. The eCV is used by all faculty members and librarians. It is integrated with:

- Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

- Promotion, Tenure and Contract Renewal (PTR) process

- Sabbatical and other leave applications

- Undergraduate and Graduate Program Review

- OCGS and various accreditation processes

This presentation will highlight the details of this Oracle application, its integration with internal systems on campus, and future plans to expand the integration to grant agencies and possibly external publications data sources.

Presented by:
Purita Bristow, University of Windsor