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Gartner: The Gartner 2010 CyberThreat Landscape

Tuesday, June 1 at 01:45 PM - Room 1160, Desmarais Hall

Greg Young, research vice president at Gartner, is a network security specialist.

Gartner's annual CIO survey shows that cost pressure remains the primary issue driving CIO priorities in 2010. Efficiency gains are trumping effectiveness gains. Since CIO priorities are driven by business priorities (as least for those CIOs who last more than a year), security should match this focus — even though the "keep the bad guys out" side of security is more recession-proof than most other areas. A new item has appeared in the top ten: “Expanding the use of information and intelligence in operations.” This reinforces the efficiency angle. CIOs are trying to improve the quality of decision making within operations and thereby reduce risks in operations.

Presented by:
Greg Young, Gartner