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Keynote - Jean-François Barsoum

Tuesday, June 1 at 08:45 AM - Alumni Auditorium, University Centre, Level 0

Jean-francois Barsoum

Keynote Topic
Green IT & Innovation

Topic Abstract
A year ago, IBM launched an ambitious program called Smarter Planet, which hinged on the belief that there is a seminal change in the way the world literally works. The Smarter Planet vision is based on three pillars:

  • Enormous computational power is now abundant and inexpensive, and is being put into things no one would recognize as computers: cars, appliances... but also in natural systems, such as agriculture and waterways.
  • All of these digital devices—soon to number in the trillions—are being connected through the Internet.
  • All of that data can be turned into intelligence as we now have the processing power and advanced analytics to make sense of it all.

We believe this is a practical framework that will help us address the kinds of problems that are seizing the world; in particular, problems relating to energy and the environment. In the year since we launched the Smarter Planet initiative, we have learned a great deal. We will discuss some of these findings during our session.

The Canadian leader of IBM's Green + Innovation consulting practice, Jean-François Barsoum has worked on setting strategies in companies and organizations as diverse as financial institutions, higher education, professional associations, pharmaceutical companies and telecoms, and has been a featured speaker at conferences on the subjects of innovation and corporate responsibility on four continents.

For the past seven years, Jean-François has spent much of his time promoting a green and corporate responsibility agenda for his customers and at IBM. Selected by the Climate Project, he was among a handful of Canadians trained by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mr. Al Gore, and became authorized to present the material seen in the movie An Inconvenient Truth to worldwide audiences. He currently leads the 1,000+ member worldwide Green IBM Community and is helping guide the worldwide Corporate Responsibility and Green consulting practices.

Presented by:
Jean-François Barsoum, Managing Consultant and Innovation, Catalyst Green Technologies, IBM Canada