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Keynote - Ken J. Cochrane

Ken Cochrane

Keynote Topic

“The New Reality” – How will IT respond?

Topic Abstract
World-wide economic conditions as well as attitudes and expectations of “citizens & clients” continue to present challenges to governments, businesses and academia alike. We all need to understand the implications - both in the short and longer term. This talk will focus on many of these factors and how CIOs and their IT teams can respond and continue to add value to help their organizations survive and thrive in this “New Reality”.

Ken Cochrane is a seasoned executive who has led information technology, shared services, business operations and transformational change initiatives in the private and public sectors.  He currently leads a private consulting practice, SSG – Southside Solutions Group and provides advice, guidance, project & program assessments as well as strategic roadmaps for clients in the public and private sectors.  Some of his former roles include:

  • Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada
  • Chief Executive Officer of I.T. Shared Services for the Government of Canada
  • Chief Information Officer of Canada Customs & Revenue Agency
  • Vice-President Development for MetLife-USA
  • Chief Information Officer of MetLife-Canada
  • Managing Director of Life Operations for MetLife-Canada

He brings broad knowledge and experience to business and technology issues that are essential to the success of both industry and government.  He frequently speaks to audiences in academia, industry and government.

Presented by:
Ken J. Cochrane, Managing Partner SSG Southside Solutions Group & former Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada