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Leveraging open source to develop an Enterprise CMS

Monday, May 31 at 10:15 AM - Room 1110, Desmarais Hall

View the whitepaper (carleton.ca)

Current / prospective students and prospective staff / faculty alike look to Carleton University's websites as a reliable source of information. As with many universities, at Carleton each department is responsible for the design, creation, branding, content and support of their website. As a result, we end up with a disjointed look and feel where the university brand is not always conveyed. In 2007, Carleton began addressing this issue with a project to implement a university-wide content management system (CMS). The CMS had to be secure, fully customizable, easy to use and robust enough to handle the 100+ sites planned for migration. This presentation intends to share lessons learned and challenges met, including:

- Platform selection: Our decision to move from our originally selected legacy CMS into an open source CMS solution (WordPress)

- Buy in: Our strategic process to centralize web content management in a university environment

- Support: Our commitment to provide support to over 180 clients without compromising service quality

- Technical hurdles: Our goal to provide a secure, scalable and usable solution

Through extensive customization of an open source tool, we’ve created an innovative product which has enabled us to deliver a modern and effective content management solution at Carleton. As our migration project completion date approaches, we can confidently say that our project has been a tremendous success. We now look to further leverage the CMS in the hopes of creating the ultimate web experience for visitors to Carleton University’s websites.

Presented by:
Andrew Riddles, Carleton University
Mary-Kathryn Roberts, Carleton University