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Orion Value Add Services - Providing New Abilities for Ontario Universities

Tuesday, June 1 at 10:15 AM - Room 1130, Desmarais Hall

ORION is a partner of Ontario universities and colleges, research centers and teaching hospitals. ORION works to identify and address the needs and goals of these institutions in order to support innovation acceleration. The decision to create ORION Value Add Services grew out of consultations with the R&E community and their desire to more effectively leverage broadband enabled collaborative technologies. ORION Value Add Services provide a cost effective opportunity for the R&E community to outsource the complexity and management burden, and to enable IT departments to reallocate resources towards projects that are more strategic to the core objectives of the institution.

This session at OUCC 2010 will provide participants with a current status update on the ORION Value Add Services, such as data storage, bandwidth enabled conferencing, and managed applications. Also included will be a description of the longer-term ORION plans to enable your institution to benefit from collaborative information and communication services.

Presented by:
Blair Brenot, ORION