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Panel Discussion: Supporting Research on Campus - Using Cyberinfrastructure

Tuesday, June 1 at 01:00 PM - Room 1120, Desmarais Hall

Public research use of ICT has rapidly increased in the past decade, requiring high performance computation and management of large datasets. The funding trend to multi-discipline, multi-institutional research teams creates significant demands for advanced collaboration tools and sharing of resources.  New research IT resources will be provided, not only at the campus level, but at the regional and national level.  The challenge for universities is how to design, implement, and manage an ICT infrastructure for research that integrates with other campus resources.

The term “Cyberinfrastructure” describes a larger scale, integrated, research infrastructure which efficiently connects data, computers, and people to enable and promote basic research and innovation, and to efficiently communicate new theories and knowledge.

The panel will briefly introduce issues in supporting ICT for research and how Cyberinfrastructure models might address them. For most of the session, the audience will be invited to participate to answer questions, including:

  • How do you support research at your University? Are you supporting multi-institution projects?
  • What are the key ICT requirements of researchers today? … 3 years from now?
  • Are you using Cyberinfrastructure concepts in your research support planning?

Presented by:
Jonathan Wells, Carleton University
Wade Hong, Carleton University
Kent Percival, University of Guelph
Bob Gagne, York University

Panel discussion