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Presentation Panel: E-Learning

Monday, May 31 at 03:30 PM - Room 1120, Desmarais Hall

Blended learning: Using collaboration and e-learning technologies for soft-skills development

This presentation will showcase how the Schulich School of Business' computing services has actively supported the use and implementation of new technologies (DyKnow™ and Moodle collaborative software, NewMindsets™ online content, HP Tablets) to create a highly-interactive, blended learning environment. In our undergraduate course, over 400 first-year business students work together physically and virtually in real-time to explore some of the challenges facing today’s business organizations. The session will include practical computing advice and examples of student work for those interested in creating dynamic face-to-face learning environments.

Presented by: Jean Adams & Kurt Binnie, York University


Students of the Net generation: A new myth of the same expectations?

In recent years, literature has been abundant in describing a new generation of students entering undergraduate studies. They are said to be a generation of highly-knowledgeable users of technologies. They grew up in a K-12 system that used technologies at all levels. They grew up in a time where information is available anytime, anywhere. However, universities are struggling with students' literature competency challenges. Universities are faced with new pedagogical challenges in integrating technologies in and out of the classroom. They are also struggling with the challenges of keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of technology industries, and specifically the speed at which some technologies are adopted. In spring of 2009, the University of Ottawa’s Centre for e-Learning surveyed first-year students in order to better understand their knowledge, usage and expectations of technologies in teaching. This presentation will show the results of the survey and examine if students expect major changes in teaching from increased technology availability. Are they contributors to the web or users of the web? How do they perceive the use of technologies in their education? In what ways do they need the support of the institution?

Presented by: André Séguin, University of Ottawa


Using online learning environments outside of our IT realm

This presentation will explore how I used an online learning environment in the fitness industry. As technology-savvy people working in academic environments, we tend to use our IT tools to service only our academic clients. For example, we use our online learning environments to support our students in their educational courses. We do a great job at this, but should we be using these tools to achieve more? Students, faculty, and staff are already familiar with these tools. They know how to chat, read and post discussion items, and browse resources within these environments. Can we use our tools for other purposes on campus, such as: social support groups, accessibility training, or discussing campus improvements or issues? Please bring your ideas! We'll discuss the many possibilities during the session.

Presented by: Sherri Simpson, University of Windsor


Panel discussion